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Fatherhood Changed My Life | Rapper Tone Trump

Tone Trump talks about his unique rap career, being a philanthropist and how his fatherhood journey saved his life. Tone Trump was born in Philadelphia and raised by a Muslim family, later changing his name to Abdul Sallam. His initial desire to be a professional basketball player ended after he was expelled from high school, so he focused his attention on his music.

Tone used his brilliant mind to carve his own lane amongst the crowed rap scene in Philadelphia. After years of what most would consider success Trump decided it was time for a change after his son was born. The RAP DADS platform is a place where the Hip-Hop community can band together and learn/teach each other about the most important role we will play in our lives, fatherhood.

RAP DADS Founder Esteban Serrano is a father of 3 boys and a TV/Film Producer/Director. He's produced on shows like TRL, YO! MTV RAPS, the VMAs and more. Follow the journey on instagram @theRAPDADSig

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